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A Picture Share!

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Posted on March 21, 2004 at 09:04 AM | Permalink


There was this big flash of green light...

Anyhow, I'm not sure how you are maintaining your moblog, but I just wrote an addin for Microsoft Outlook 2003 that makes it

a breeze to keep your moblog up to date.

All you have to do is email a picture from the phone to an email address that Outlook picks up, and the addin does the rest.

It uploads the picture and creates the weblog entry.

Check out MoBlogger Addin at MoBlogger Addin. Oh, and did I

mention it's 100% free? I coded it for myself and then figured everyone is welcome to use it too. :)

Posted by: DrFooMod2 | Jun 21, 2004 7:56:53 AM

Nice idea on the add-in, I Ill try use it with


Posted by: alfie | Jun 23, 2004 2:46:14 AM